Saturday, July 28, 2012

বাজারে আসছে - JPHONE

ফোন: ০১৯২২-০১৫৭০৫, ০১৯২২-০২৫৭০৯

Google Android 2.2 টেবলেট পিসি অত্যন্ত সূলভ মূল্যে বাংলাদেশ পাওয়া যাচ্ছে

পবিত্র ঈদ উপলক্ষে GOOGLE ANDROID 2.2 TABLET PC প্রতিটি মাত্র ১২,০০০ টাকায় রেডি স্টক থেকে কিনুন! এছাড়া আমাদের কাছে রেডি স্টক থেকে পাবেন মাত্র ২,০০০ টাকায় APPLE SHUFFLE MP3 এবং মাত্র ৩,০০০ টাকায় APPLE NANO MP4!
ফোন: ০১৯২২-০১৫৭০৫

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 2012 Product Catalogue from Jethro Conglomerates

For details, please contact:
Jethro Conglomerates
Phone: +880-1922-025705, +880-1911-133614

Tahitian Noni Now in Bangladesh!

For details, please contact:
Jethro Conglomerates
Phone: +880-1922-025705, +880-1911-133614

Noni Capsules in Bangladesh!

For details, please contact:
Jethro Conglomerates
Phone: +880-1922-025705, +880-1911-133614

Caige Speakers

For details, please contact:
Jethro Conglomerates
Phone: +880-1922-025705, +880-1911-133614

Monday, June 25, 2012

jPHONE cheapest yet the best

jPHONE, the most affordable mobile phone in the world shall be soon introduced in Bangladesh. We are looking for dealers of jPHONE in all the 64 districts in the country. Those having experience in mobile phone selling with showroom are requested to contact:

Phone: +8801922-025709

Friday, June 22, 2012

Buy anti Ageing NONI Capsules from ready stock

We are importing internationally famous Tahitian NONI capsules directly from USA. Noni is considered as the magic remedy in today's world, which, according to physicians, not only effective works as anti-ageing remedy but also helps curing cancer, blood pressure, insomnia, migraine, rheumatism and many other diseases. It is said that, NONI gives the men, ever-vigorous life and energy, while it helps women in stopping their age.

We are selling NONI capsules each phial just for TK. 3,000 only. Each phial contains 60 capsules, while the complete course is 3-6 phials.

If you want to buy NONI capsules, please call (+88)-01922025705.

We are looking for agents and dealers of NONI products in BANGLADESH.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Baburchi brand Refined Soya Bean Oil

Baburchi brand Refined Soya Bean Oil

Testing Methods
Actual Finding
Free Fatty Acid (as Oleic)
AOCS Ca5a-40
Iodine Value (WIJs)
AOAC 993.20
129 g lod/100g
Saponification Value
AOCS Cd3-25
190.6 mgKOH/g
Moisure and Impurities
 AOCS Ca2c-25 & Ca 3a-46
Peroxide value (at time of shipment)
ISO 3960.2007
0.97 meg o2/kg
Color (5.25” lovibond cell)
AOCS Cc 13e-92
0.3red 5.0 yellow

> Packing: 5 Liter PET Bottle OR 190 Liter Steel Drum

> Interested Importers Can Contact For CFR Chittagong Port Price

> We also are looking for importers and distributors in other countries

> Minimum Order Quantity For Importing 20 FCL X 3

> Payment Terms 100% L/C at sight




Email: jethrodhaka [at] gmail [dot] com

Friday, May 11, 2012

Baburchi brand refined Sunflower Oil

Refined Sunflower Oil

0.10% Max
Acid Value
0.50 Max
Para Oxide Value
0.50 Max
Saponification Value
Iodine Value
FFA% by wt basis
0.25% Max

Packing: 1 Liter PET Bottle

Price: FOB US$ 1,200

Minimum Order Quantity: 20FCL x 1 

We also have Refined Soya Bean Oil.

Trade inquiries are welcome.
Write To: Jethro Conglomerates, jethrodhaka [at]